Plant Spirit Medicine – The First Glimpse

As a young lady I explored several paths of herbal healing which spoke to me.  Then I came across the most colorful way to communicate, via Plant Spirit Medicine.  There are many herbalists abound who have also found there niche with Plant Spirits.  That’s not to say that other herbalists don’t practice this.  In fact, every Herbalist and Green Thumber have probably dabbled with a Plant Spirit whether they were conscious of it or not.  Maybe even YOU have had your own experience!

My mother has raised me to appreciate any living creature, and to care deeply for those Green creatures we invite into our home – most commonly referred to as house plants.  I would notice plants craving attention when they needed water.  At first it was as simple as, “Wow! That plant needs some water.  It is so droopy! It literally won’t survive if I don’t water it right now.”

Can you relate?

I became more in tune with my house plants by noticing which needed water more often, which acted as if they hated water and those which simply seemed happier just having me near them.  Yes! That’s right!  The plants were happier just knowing that I would continue to stand near them and water them while they were in my home.  And that’s really where it all began…

It was like a wave of attention would come over me while near certain plants.  Something in the room would beckon me and when I looked at these plants they would pump out more waves.  Luring me over to them with subtle hints of rainbow energy .  Well!  How could I resist?  I started experimenting.  What happens to the plants when I enter a room?  What happens when I try to spot out a plant that needs water in the room?  What happens when I ask the plant if it needs water……..?

It answers.

Now at this point, I was not hearing plants have full on conversations with me about water, the temperature or the nutrients there were in need of.  It was more of a brighter perkier plant if they wanted what I asked, or a low energy stand-off-ish plant if they didn’t want what I offered.

How cool!  It was making house plant care a lot easier.  I was in High School at this point and all I wanted to do in college was study Botany.  Plants had become a most interesting species which I believed had more potential than was commonly thought.


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