3: Fruits

Potassium is a favorite to those plants that give us fruit.  It also helps maintain vitality in the plant.  Be fruitful and multiply [your means of disease resistance].

Bloom where you are planted, my friend.  Set flower and create seeds.  Gather your nutrients and push forth a highly erotic display of color and energy.  Give yourself a way to prevent illness.  Fulfill your desires with herbal love.

As so, I take my own advice and offer you my fruits: the experiments, meditations, plant folklore and second opinions fellow herbalists have written.  I mostly practice on myself, my partner and my friends.  If there is something specific you seek, try the search bar on my page.  Or navigate yourself through the Table of Contents.  If I haven’t written about it yet there is still a good chance I have the information you are looking for, or at least know of someone who does.  Ask and you shall receive.


One thought on “3: Fruits

  1. Hi Friend,
    Again, wonderful thoughts to be reading and kept up on! I thought you might like to know that our graduating class donated a tree to the High School with a plaque next to it that says “Bloom where you are planted…”
    Just saying.
    Keep up the good work, and I love the Basil post!
    Sometimes trust is rewarded….

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