Tea He He

Yarrow is literally tickling my arm pits!  Achillea millefolium, i love you.


3 thoughts on “Tea He He

  1. Mornin’ sunshine. Is it better to harvest the yarrow while the bloom is just beginning, still in full bloom, or spent? I have noticed that if you do not harvest it, then cut it back after the thicker flowering stalks have turned to brown, you will get a second blooming. I have tried several times to harvest and save the flower to attempt drying. I think this last time, when you told me to harvest it first thing in the morning has been the best. The thicker, lighter leaved yellow yarrow I have on the south side of deck is the best one to dry. Yarrow always speaks to me – what is it saying? Sometimes it is the pink, sometimes the white (altho sometimes the white makes me mad (not sure that is the emotion I want), sometimes the yellow. what does that say? Do the colors of the plant change it? wishing you butterfly dreams.

  2. Dearest Cathy,

    Thank you for inquiring about Yarrow! One of my dearest plant friends.

    – If you are trying to save flowers it is better to harvest Yarrow before it is completely open, which will apply to most flowers for drying. This is because after being clipped the flower stem will use all of the energy it has left to push out seeds from that flower – so you end up with half bloom/half dead bloom with mostly immature seed. Farming friends have encouraged me to hang flowers upside-down for optimum drying.

    – I believe the Yellow Yarrow you have is called “Moonshine Yarrow” and is a hybrid bred to be beautiful in the garden, and not necessarily medicinal (as I have never seen any medicinal accounts with this type) and may have been bred to dry better than the wild Yarrow. A prized quality of this plant is its compact size. It doesn’t spread like wild Yarrow. Moonshine Yarrow was originally from the “Cloth of Gold Yarrow”, Achillea filipendulina.

    – That is wonderful that Yarrow speaks to you! The colors do change the Yarrow personality slightly. If you aren’t sure what it is saying to you, ask it to repeat itself. If it already wants to send you a message then I don’t think Yarrow will mind telling you again. Also, speaking to the plant creates a two-way conversation and you are able to receive more messages this way, or at least more clarification. One method is to ask simple yes or no questions, that way you can get an answer without too many words to decipher!

    – I can’t tell for sure why White Yarrow makes you mad – though you could try asking it! If it only occurs when you are thinning your Yarrow patch in the garden, maybe you could try a different way of thinning – like rocks! Or you could simply explain that if Yarrow is patient and lets you remove some of the build up, it will have a better chance of surviving and making seed (the ultimate plant goal!). At the same time, tell Yarrow you don’t have a bigger space for it and it needs to take it easy…with persistence you may get a response ; )

    I wish you luck on your Yarrow endeavors and would love to hear of any messages you are willing to share.

    Blessings Green Sister!

  3. I just wanted to mention one other thing quickly to answer your color question about Yarrow.

    I have read that Pink Yarrow can be used as a flower essence to help you gain appreciation for all around you. For instance, I’ve used the flower essence to appreciate co-workers. It’s a way to look at the good side of someone, or something, that may normally be irritating. Funny because White Yarrow was doing the opposite… Also, last night I meditated and Yellow Yarrow came strongly over me, giving feelings of sunshine and warmth, introducing herself as I have never met with her.

    My next experiment will definitely involve Yarrow. I just love the plant and would like to share that affection. ttfn!

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