Meditating with Plant Spirits

Herbaloo’s Story at the top of the blog explains how I got to this point of Plant Spirit communicating.  Here’d I’d like to mention more on the process I follow when meditating so you too can experiment!

1. Trail Guide – I choose to bring along a Plant Ally when I meditate.  Sort of like a translator, my plant-companion has worked with me since the beginnning, subtly hinting that I was in need of such a friend when I started.  They become a Spirit that you can always call to for help.  It could actually be of plant or animal origin, I suppose.  I tend to stay away from human spirit meditation because…it’s scary!  Plus I don’t want to read people’s minds.  I will leave that to Sylvia Brown.

2. Inner Council – This is the prestigous group that gathers inside of your living body.  Inspired by you, your Inner Council is made up of your personality/motivation/fears/wild side/fluff and anything else you can create inside your body space.  I was taught by Helena Wu how to contact my Inner Council which was directly taken from Stephen Buhner’s book “The Secret Teachings of Plants”.  The Council tells you about what’s going on inside your body and soul that you may have been unconscious about, or avoiding!

(Getting weird?  It’s okay, that’s why I’ve made this blog.  To expose the world to the Spirit Realm’s Wonders!  Stay with me here.  Any friend I’ve led to their Inner Council LOVES it and usually requests another session, until they can do it on their own.  Like any meditation, having someone lead you through the first time makes it much easier to grasp.)

3. Baby-You & Four-year-old-You – Ah yes, the Ages of Innocence.  Again from Stephen Buhner’s practice, getting in touch with the younger sides of yourself can help reveal plant and personal qualities that only a young person would notice.  Baby-Me is usually wordless and prefers actions or simple images.  But four-year-old-Me is a little Chatty Cathy.  She loves to spin around and dance and smile, and tell me all of the obvious things I miss because I’m becoming an old lady.  A person aged four will tell you exactly how it is.  I’m sure you’ve experienced this.  They have no formal training from school yet and they hopefully haven’t been exposed to a lot of violence or corruption.  Young’ns can see far and wide, and can hear the inaudible sounds of fairys.

4. Mantras, Songs, & Bird calls – Once I have said hello to all of the above, I am ready to mingle.  Sometimes there is a particular Plant Spirit I would like to talk to.  Sometimes I need advice on what herb would heal a symptom I have.  Maybe its a gardening question?  How you get the attention of other Spirits can be very personal, like a song you share or a mantra you repeat to get their attention.  In a group meditation this method becomes more public, with your leader speaking out-loud with formal speech and admiration to ask that the herb share its wisdom with the group.

5. Offerings & Prayers – The more you thank and respect the Spirit Realm the better.  So I like to end my meditation with a sincere prayer for the herb’s well-being, and to ask that we may meet again soon.  Plants also really like presents! Offerings can be as simple as a piece of your hair or spit; both will benefit a plant.  Or you could do something big and build a restoration site for endangered plants!  If in doubt, ask the Spirit.


Sometimes meditations are quick because I am calling to a Spirit that is a close friend or I have recently spoke with them.  Other times the meditations can be quite lengthy and in-depth.  I always journal my experience afterwards, especially the longer sessions, so I can remember them! and so I can look back later and further decipher the messages.


Plant Spirits are just that, a form of energy.  When you see a Plant Spirit during meditation, it is a depiction the Spirit has rendered appropriate for your communication.  Sometimes I see the physical plant and other times it is a human/fairy form.  You may see them differently and that’s okay! And worth sharing!

Please feel free to comment with any meditation experience/experiment you have had!


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