Basil: 2 Week Check-Up

*Remedy Effects:

The Basil “Pimple Cure” cream has been spread cheek to cheek for several days.  I put it on all the classic problem areas of my face, after washing.  The most significant reaction I am getting is the reduction of swelling caused by such acne or pimple.  If the skin is broken, it hasn’t necessarily sped up the healing time.  The greatest use I am seeing for Pimple Cure is to subtract the amount of attention a pimple is causing, ie, bringing the bump back to an even skin level.  Very useful!  Though I may save it for those emergency situations only.

The Tulsi tea was used for the first week.  I was not noticing much…  I went back to the capsules to take note of any differences.  And there it was – that sweet sweet feeling of a clear-head.  When I started using Tulsi I couldn’t pin-point exactly how it was making me feel different, I just felt ‘good’.  After reading and meeting with the herb, I can easily see what is changing mentally.  It’s like I have a fresh start, a new brain with no history of stressful worries.  I can think in a clear white space and bring to my mental focus what I want to be there, instead of being bombarded with all the “what-ifs”.  I feel motivated, not due to an increase of energy, but because I have the mind-capacity to do so.  Very useful!  And safe to use over long periods of time!


I’ve studied multiple sources and their uses of Garden Basil.  These can be found under Basil’s Materia Medica.  I’ve also studied Tulsi and her Materia Medica is in the works.

The meditations started off slow, as I suspected.  However, both Garden Basil and Tulsi contact has been made!

*Continuing the Experiment:

– posting Tulsi’s Materia Medica

– Meditation documentation including detailed experiences of contact with Basil, drawings of how the Plant Spirits presented themselves to me, and a description of the Plant Spirit in its corresponding Materia Medica.  I plan to contact the Spirits while I am writing their description so the plants can have a word. (A similar method was used in Susan Weed’s book “Healing Wise”)

– Reflective conclusion to the experiment with science, folk medicine and ancient far-out concepts melded together

– When the weather warms, grow both of these fabulous plants and make medicine from them!  In fact, I wouldn’t mind growing as many Basil varieties as I can get my hands on.  So if you have any seeds, let me know and we can swap!


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