Meditations with Basil

I had never meditated with either Garden Basil or Tulsi before this experiment.  That is partially why I chose them to work with; a challenge I could learn a lot from!  The other more obvious reason for a Basil Experiment was my current usage of two Ocimum products.  I started trying to contact Basil three weeks ago.

Jan24th – Session 1:

Reconnecting with my Guiding Spirit and my Inner Council.  I felt a very dark energy in my apartment near the attic door, and was actually scared to be in such a vulnerable state of consciousness, so I stopped.  I equated it to a possible ghost.

Jan 25th – Session 2:

I was whispered a phrase with no visuals – “You must have Basil in you for contact.”  I started drinking Tulsi tea and rubbing the Basil cream on my face sporadically.  The ‘dark energy’ was still present and could now be sensed when I wasn’t meditating.

Jan 26th – Session 3:

Basil atten-dance!  A young Basil with dark purple stem and bright little green leaves.  This was a good sign.  I had now heard and seen Basil.  It meant the Spirit was willing to communicate and was going to do so in slow steps, probably making sure I was listening and that I truly respected Basil.

Jan 27th – Session 4:

I was going to try and have a conversation.  My Guiding Spirit who accompanies me on such journeys said something that made me full of joy, “Basil would like to speak to you.”  Immediately after I felt the dark-attic-energy and became frightened.  I thought maybe the dark energy was trying to trick me into letting it in to my body!  (Now, I am still new at meditating with the Spirits in comparison to how much there is to journey through, so I try to be very careful with anything I don’t know)  I told my Guiding Spirit I had to stop.  I decided I should try meditating outside and see if the energy is still present, because, I guess, the dark energy could be Basil…?

[—>Back in reality! – I was thinking a lot about the Purple-stemmed Basil.  I’ve grown so many types on the farm that I couldn’t remember who looked like what.  So I asked the internet for some pictures of common Basil.  And there she was, in all her glory!  Thai Basil, a variety of Ocimum basilicum.]

Variety of Ocimum basilicum[This little beauty found me at a Vietnamese restaurant, so I passed on eating it and instead am hoping for roots!]

Feb 4th – Session 5:

It was actually 4-year-old-me who prepared for the meeting.  She adorned me with Guiding Herb, filled my body with sacred energy and rubbed my 3rd Eye open.

Basil came as a fleet!

The Basil Messenger came flying in, fit and quick.  He brought messages from the powerful Father Basil, who lives as Garden Basil on Earth.  The Messenger assured me Basil medicine was good for your skin, especially the face.  And noted its ability to slice through any mental fog.

The plant rots/wilts so easily that he too had to be quick, fluttering to-and-fro.  It was hard to get a good look at his face, but that royal jumpsuit was no fooling.  Like a jester meets doorman, Messenger Basil comes first.

He is the Dark Energy.

In the friendliest way.

Basil's Aromatic Prince

I asked about Tulsi and was informed that I must wait to speak with her, the Mother.  I have to treat them separately in order to be respectful of their specific powers.  The energy which spoke to me seemed calmer and possibly older, or at least more Motherly.  Powerful and full of white light, Tulsi beckons me to wait.  A promise of future love.

Then there was Thai.  Oh the sweetest daughter of two powerful forces, Thai Basil likes me and promises good things from her medicine.  She has Garden Basil’s darkness and the light beautiful flowers of Tulsi, which she gently caressed my face and nose with.  She appreciates my travels to her land and the love I show Thai’s in America.  For this she is grateful and wants to be friends.  A darling herb, I am blessed with such sweet fortune.

The meditation is absolutely splendid, and not scary in the least!  Messenger tells me that my body subconsciously had called to Basil, and is the reason this experiment exists!  So before I tried to reach them spiritually they had heard my body call.  And Thai Basil Spirit answered, bringing forth Messenger to my meditation.

On his way out, Messenger whispered something. “Circle/Circus/Surface.”

But no Scorpion answers.

[—>Back in reality! – I am not sure exactly what his last words meant.  However, I did switch from Tulsi Tea to Tulsi capsules at this point.  I could feel the difference instantly.  And to think I was beginning to doubt her power, the capsules modified my brain and body, and I liked it!]

Feb 9th – Session 6:

I find myself too scared to meditate at night alone.  So I lay next to my partner, feeling safe.  Guiding Spirit is called to and catches me up on some self-improvement.  My mind is racing with anticipation and I can’t find a way to meet up with Basil.  I barely know them!  So I ask a good friend, Queen Anne’s Lace, to play.  She is a dear Plant Ally who I am utterly in love with.  Such a good friend.  She shares her ideas on self-improvement and we dance for quite some time until I remember that I had been looking for Basil.

“How do I find Basil dearest Queen Anne?”

“Ask one of the guys.”

“Like Yarrow, a male Spirit I know, but that’s a lot to ask one plant.  Maybe Mullein will help, a male Spirit I know by association.”  So I find two and wonder if I need another.

“Maybe Ginseng?”

Queen Anne and girlfriends look at me with disbelief,

Ain’t no way you know Ginseng…!

And in comes Basil Messenger, flying about Yarrow and Mullein.  He is speaking and acting quickly.  Into my head he flies!  Gobbling it up like a blender.  I’m scared, but the energy seems good so I let it continue.  Then a black temptress version of Thai Basil follows Messenger through each space of my body, filling it with dark whirlwind energy.  I actually begin to worry, my heart is racing and I call to any herbs to help!  I begin thinking of any pretty female Spirits I know to combat the darkness.  I am being stung by scorpions and told to feel the dark energy, just let it be.  Anyone?!  Help!

Then riding in on butterfly wings comes Tulsi.  A wave of white, flowing energy, she blows wind over my body and a white comfort covers me.  She is smiling, laughing, and loving along with Father Basil, who begins to grow at exponential proportions.  He has come forth, creating large pyramids showing his rock hard power and strength.  The two combine male and female aspects to be Krishna; a wonder of the two genders, admired and respected by all.  It is my partner’s balancing male energy that has allowed me to contact the Basil family.  It’s their way of showing that Basil Spirit can be male and/or female form.

The Basil aroma unites their family.  Tulsi keeps Garden Basil light by giving him delicate white flowers.  She balances his dark edges.  Garden Basil is the quick moving power, masculine and scorpion.  Tulsi is nurturing like a Mother, light and airy.  Thai Basil, their daughter, receives attributes from both.  Her dark purple stem holding up her light purple flowers.

I see Garden Basil and Tulsi royally as they bid me adieu.  He has white hair and dark clothing, she with dark hair and white clothing.  They appear to be celebrities, honorable and magnificent in their grandeur.  Father Basil is kissing me happy for the Materia Medica I posted.  Tulsi gives me her blessings that she will return.  Thai Basil, who appears to me as her plant-form, invites me back for more at any time.  And they all encourage me to continue.

* * *

I thank Tulsi and the Basil Family for allowing me to share this information with you.


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