How I’ve been feeling – up to feb 3: Feel uplifted, a little more positive about myself and my situation. Very motivating to have a project. Then starting saturday I felt moody and irritable.  Refusing to help myself by blaming others, then… basil idea! Drank lemon ginger Tulsi on Sunday. Ginger too strong, let steep too long? Drank regular Tulsi once last week but didn’t notice immediate effects. Have not used Basil cream bc no serious acne. Put on red nose-dot tonight (those ever lasting blood vessel dots that appear out of nowhere and never go away…) and small meditation/mantra/words spoken and asked for help.

Feb 9: Switched to Tulsi capsules two days ago. Taking two capsules once a day.  The tea was not doing it? Used the cream one morning and the pimple’s swelling went down but no immediate reactions or clearing. Today the acne is about 50% gone. Works well actually. No weird side effects like irritation. Would use after the experiment, but maybe not before pimples are apparent. I guess my head feels better. I feel clear. Not really super-motivated, but definitely not as sad/moody. Balanced and ready but not over-hyper. Calmer.

Feb 15: Stopped taking capsules for some weird reason and can feel head racing, at night especially.  Lost the lesson so quickly from Basil… must be long-term with Tulsi.  Face was clearing and then moon moment brought a full on break-out.  I held off on basil to let my face do its thing (its once a month, and can be solved through the liver). Thai basil came from Vietnamese restaurant. Looks happy, waiting for roots! Not interested in summoning the rumored and mysterious Basil Scorpion, but am keeping in the back of my head the idea that you should not use Garden Basil for too long of a time, especially the essential oil. Am itching to de-dread, A clear head.

Feb 18: Feel like crap. Have headache after sore throat and runny nose (brief).  Head is foggy behind nose and above throat, very strange. Allergies?  I keep thinking it might be.  Am trying combos of many different remedies. Taking Tulsi to clear my head as supportive therapy during cold.  See Basil darkness as little side-kick animal.  Interesting.  Face clear except a few, and some with scabs from popping.  Haven’t been applying cream.  Cleanse the liver!

Feb 24: Basil withdrawals?!?!?!

March 3: head aches not apparent. Can feel fog in brain though, if I really concentrate on it. Mind racing at night, but its an exciting time of year!  So I read.  Wanting to meditate again, haven’t since the big meeting, actually tired me out in a different way than say, farming or studying.  My Journey Spirit was tired.  But I am looking forward to meeting with the Basil Family, and seeing what they have to say about continuing with the herbs.

March 11: Meditated last night.  Keep Tulsi but in smaller doses. 1 capsule mid-afternoon.

March 27: Still frolic with Thai Basil. Came to me in meditation for the window planting.  Haven’t taken Tulsi in a while, but when I do I am going to try her with the B vitamins again.  The dark energy near the attic has faded.  I like Thai Basil.  She is calm.  Have felt clear-headed and positive, so neither Garden Basil nor Tulsi have been beckoned.  However, I was thinking of Tulsi recently in a daydream.  I am excited to have such great friends to summon when in need!  Thank you Basil Family!  Blessed Be!


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