Little Blue Mystery: Solved.

Yes indeed this plant is referred to as Scilla!  The Latin name is Scilla siberica.  And yes indeed it’s in the Lily family (Liliaceae) and grows from a bulb!  Nicely done Jillian and Cathy!

Siberian Squill

This little spring beauty is commonly referred to as Siberian Squill.  The only mystery here is what “procepak” means – the Serbian name I found as a comment on Flickr.

Caution!  This plant is not for human consumption!

In nature, mammals pass on the opportunity to dine on Squill.  This is because the ancient and modern-day use of Squill is to make rat poison!  So if you’re out in the woods starving to death, don’t go for the squill!  Just keepin you on your toes – you should always thoroughly know a wild flower before eating it!  Even the smallest flowers can have dangerous powers!  Bring a Newcomb’s and your Spirit when harvesting.

Siberian Squill is pretty hardy and will transport easily.  Even if soil is dug up and dumped elsewhere, the bulb will carry-over and send up shoots.  This plant is none-native and has the potential to take up room for the native plants.  So be mindful when you see or plant Scilla.


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