Take the Honey, Ditch the Suckle

Hello and welcome to Reality.  Now that you are here, it’s about time you get a move on to the Future.  Can’t stay here for long.  There is far too much potential in this moment to be wasted.  That’s what Honeysuckle would tell you.  Her many many fairies are pictured below, on the go.

That plot is actually a Medicinal Mecca.  The placement isn’t ideal for physical consumption so I ask for their Spirit Medicine.  And Honeysuckle helps me kick the bad habit known as “the past” and gives me a prescription for “the present” and further more “a hopeful future”.  Her flowers come and go so fast that you must be present to appreciate them, and be confident that they will return again next Spring.  The dozens of them.  So I present this week’s Wildflower.  Lonicera tatarica Tartarian Honeysuckle

There she is.  I was excited to find out she’s pink!  My last Honeysuckle doorman was the ‘Gold and Silver’ Chinese relative, Lonicera japonica or Jin Hin Hua.  Actually, that species is the common Chinese medicine and the pink tatarica I have in my yard is not as popular.  The other medicinal Honeysuckle species used in Bach Flower Remedies is Lonicera caprifolium.  If the pink has a purpose, I think it’s this right here.

Honeysuckle Flower Essence – Lonicera tatarica

This Flower Essence will humble your past and brighten your future.  It cures homesickness, regret and a bleak outlook on life by helping you live a better Right-Now.  If your past is dragging you down, Lonicera will show you the sweet honey every day has to offer and ween you off the breast of what could have/ would have/ should have been.  She takes your feet out of the mud and prepares you for take-off.  The pink flowers of tatarica will concentrate its healing energy on your heart’s Unconditional Love center.

Here is how YOU can make your own Flower Essence:

  • Early in the morning, take a small amount of purified water and pour it into a small glass bowl.  You will only need enough water to make the flowers float.  You will also need a clean pair of scissors.
  • Walk the water to the Honeysuckle plant and tell it you wish to make a Flower Essence.  Send your love and gifts to the plant and ask permission for its medicine.
  • When you get the okay, snip a few flowers directly into the water.  By not touching the flower, the energy remains pure Honeysuckle Essence.
  • Place the bowl of water at the base of the plant and dance and sing and rejoice.  You are currently gathering Honeysuckle Energy into the water you’ve placed the flowers in, while the Honeysuckle Plant above also shares its energy.
  • Let the bowl sit while the sun rises and sets, and at Dusk return to the Honeysuckle.  Thank the Spirit for sharing itself and releasing vibratory medicine into your water.  You may leave the flowers in the water until you arrive back to where you can process, or you can pinch them out with clean tweezers.  Feel it out… This bowl of water is now your Honeysuckle Mother Essence.
  • When you get to your kitchen or workshop, fill a clean brown tincture bottle with purified water and leave some head room.
  • Take a dropper of the Honeysuckle Mother Essence and squeeze 2-3 drops into the tincture bottle.  You have now diluted the Mother into a Daughter Essence (similar to homeopathy in the dilution sense).  The Daughter Essense will be where you take your doses from.  The Mother Essence can be saved in case you need more Daughter Essence later.
  • In each of the two tincture bottles, Mother and Daughter, add a couple of drops grain alcohol to preserve freshness.  You can also use high quality vodka.  Doc Bach prefers Brandy.
  • Ta-Da!  The Future is Yours!

As far as dosage, I would recommend trying a spray bottle on the face, heart and directly in your mouth.  That’s my favorite!  You can give yourself 3-4 sprays 2x a day as a tonic.  Otherwise, save it for emergencies and spray away!  It’s always a good idea to have a mantra and a journal nearby when working with a new Essence and healing goal.  Give yourself a break for a day after two weeks of regular spraying to see how your Soul is doing.

Feel free to email me with questions!




Here are some more pictures of Honeysuckle I’ve been seeing around town!

Wild White Honeysuckle & Trillium Grandiflorum (the little white flower)

***Tartarian Honeysuckle has the potential to be invasive, reducing space for Native Plants to grow.  So your best bet is to wildcraft this wild flower and not encourage it to spread.  And, as always, check with your family doctor before starting any sort of regimen with this herb.***


7 thoughts on “Take the Honey, Ditch the Suckle

  1. I think avoiding skin contact with the flowers is a great idea and something I didn’t think about at first. Can I find this species fairly easily depending on my location? Also, sun seems to be an important element in this process. I assume you wouldn’t want to try this on a rainy day, but what about a cloudy/overcast day?

    • Hello PJ,
      Honeysuckle has a wide range in the United States and seems to only avoid the deep south, but as far as New England goes you should be able to find some around. It tends to grow on the edge of the woods when it is wild, unless there is a sunny patch deeper in that it can flourish under. The tatarica variety is a shrub but others are know to be more vine like, so you may need to look up to find it. A sunny day for this Flower Essence might be nice if your intentions are to invite heat and energy in to your life. The Honeysuckle in Chinese Medicine actually helps eliminate symptoms of overly sweet and overly heated. If you have been feeling pressure to live up to standards from the past, maybe an overcast day would be more suited to your Essence because it will give you a more cooling energy. Again, you would have to feel it out according to your specific needs. I don’t think your Essence would be any less potent on a rainy day, and the Rain Water might add some magic. Thanks for reading, and Goodluck!

  2. This is just what I needed today! Thank you!
    I would also eat honeysuckle as a child – we would suck the nectar out of the flowers.

  3. Found this on Helena Wu’s website today.

    “Honeysuckle flowers are used by the Chinese for infections and inflammations. Sore throats, fevers, cold and flu and certain cancers are treated with honeysuckle. You can also make a conserve or syrup like the Elizabethans did for relieving bronchial conditions, cramps and stimulating the kidneys. This is a tasty herbal medicine. We may have more appreciation for this foreign invasive knowing this.”


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