I thought of you today, Chelidonium

This Wildflower Series has become a little bit like speed-dating.  I get a briefing on background info, a chance to meet in person for a photo shoot, and a small window of intimate meditation time.  I think the plants enjoy it, though.  I do!  It gives us a chance to stop and say Hello.  Yet our dating relationship hasn’t the time to proceed further.  It’s not like marriage … I don’t know anything about their privates.  What I relay to you is a description of their personality and how they are most commonly used in Herbal Medicine.

Greater CelandineI have spent the past several days getting to know the Greater Celandine – Chelidonium majus that grows abundantly along my common foot-paths through the woods.  They are also thriving in my newly created garden, which lies on the edge of a Maple property line.  I have been able to identify it for years now, knowing that it cures the common wart.  But this year I have met it’s family, and somehow, we were already related!  Celandine’s family is the Papaveraceae aka the Poppy family.  It all makes sense now.  The magic, the lure, the Tomato-Doppelganger leaves…

Greater Celandine Fairy

Celandine removes warts by slowly burning them away.  It is safe to apply directly to the wart/skin on your hands and feet.  I have done this on more than one occasion in the past.  Recently I applied Celandine to my thumb, which has not had a wart in a year, for demonstration purposes.  It was tingley only once and a while and the feeling was very mild.  You could try applying it once a day for 6 days and see how it works.  I have heard of up to 2x/day for two weeks.  Start slow if it’s your first time and ask Celandine how often.  Below is a video which will demonstrate how to harvest and apply wild&fresh Celandine.  And keep your eye on my new YouTube Channel, “A little birdy showed me”!

ciao for now xo

***Greater Celandine has the potential to be invasive, reducing space for Native Plants to grow.  So your best bet is to wildcraft this wild flower and not encourage it to spread.  And, as always, check with your family doctor before starting any sort of regimen with this herb.***


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