How Plant Spirit Farming arrived at Findhorn

Garden Name: Findhorn

Findhorn's original garden space

Founder(s): Eileen Caddy “Elixir”, Peter Caddy, & Dorothy Maclean “Divina”


Eileen & Peter Caddy with their kids

Dorothy Maclean


Location: Northern Scotland at Findhorn Caravan Park originally in 1962, now Findhorn is registered as an eco-commune, inspiring cooperative living, organic plant spirit gardening, and ecological design

Background / Inspiration: The three friends moved to Findhorn Caravan Park on a message from the Spirit World.  They turned an arid, sandy trailer park into a luscious garden through the Spirit’s guidance.  Peter would read up on organic gardening while Eileen and Dorothy asked the Plant Spirits to guide them.  Everything was done with love and holy intention.  They would ask the universe for the supplies they needed and they would be granted their wishes through divine coincidence, such as donations and free items.  The three had little money and planned to make a living by believing in Nature’s promise to love us.  In return, they dedicated themselves to giving that love back to Nature and its living creatures.  They treated plants as living and feeling entities.  Their main success was from compost and mulch on their garden.  By creating sacred compost and planting in it, the three were able to have a garden that fed themselves with plenty left over to feed anyone who was nearby.  The commune started by accident when word got out about the miracle growers in the caravan park.  Like minds moved in and wanted to help spread the love.  Their enlightened vegetables and fruits grew to cosmic proportions.  There are many books written about Findhorn, and all three original members have recorded their favorite memories from the experience.

That was Then...

Communication Technique:

Eileen and Dorothy were the ones who connected to the Plant Spirits at Findhorn.  They believed that plant communication could not be possible unless the Spirit World has given you a meditative name.  So Elixir and Divina were born and these were the names Eileen and Dorothy meditated with, respectively.

Eileen would meditate during the winter in the outhouse where she could be alone.  She first communicated with the Cedar tree, telling her to build cabins out of the tree’s wood.  The cabins were eventually built.  Eileen would send out prayers for the food Peter was planting.  She ended up being so clairvoyant and open that it was hard for her to maintain balance and composure in crowds.  She had become over-sensitized and was forced to spend her time at Findhorn with the Plant Spirits and her friends.

Dorothy realized that the vibrations the plants sent out could be harnessed as medicine.  She would ask the Plant Spirits how their vibrations could heal in the body and on the Earth.  She also recognized that thoughts and actions made by humans effected the Plant Spirit realm almost immediately.  She found plants to be the most sensitive organisms on Earth and any energy we release from our bodies directly affects them.  She encouraged the manifestation of good energy from the body and thus the good energy returned to the plants you eat and garden.  She saw the Earth and Cosmos as necessary elements for the fertility of the plants and humans in between the two.  Six years after moving to Findhorn Dorothy came out to the public about where their divine inspiration came from, after many visitors had questioned the trio and their success without chemicals.

Now-a-Days at the Findhorn Foundation: They offer many workshops  from one week to one year.  I can’t even begin to list all of the awesome activities this place has!  I hope to go there and take a class or two someday.  Check out the website for more info!


The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Thompkins and Christopher Bird, pgs 361-373

pictures from


For more information on Plant Spirit Farming…check out the website


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  1. Hi!
    If possible, I would like to know what sorts of plants can be found in Findhorn garden and what makes their planting sustainable?
    Friendly greetings! 🙂

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