Busy Bee: July Flies!

Dearest Earth Apprentees,

July is the most productive/crazy busy month of the year, when it comes to farming.  My journals have almost always skipped this month all together.  Not only are we seeding our vegetables and herbs, weeding the plants already in the ground, but we are also harvesting up the wazoo and doing CSA pickups and Markets to boot! Constantly speaking in thank-yous…and trying to stay hydrated in between it all.

With this time of year so busy outside, there becomes less and less time to sit back and reflect inside.  Most of my inside time is spent catching up on the sleep I didn’t get the night before!  Long days and short nights, that’s the Summer Season for yah.

However, there is good news for all you friendly Herbal-Lovers.  The plants couldn’t be more happy to talk to you!  In fact, it is hard NOT to hear them.  So with all the information and guidance you’ve been gathering here on the blog, now is the perfect time to listen and frolic with the Plant Spirits and Fairys in your backyard.

I am working on a post (going on 3 weeks now, sorry!) that will be a guided meditation for all of you to practice your Plant Spirit Communication.  In the meantime, I encourage you all to take notice of which plants grow near your home.  These are the plants which are calling to you, and want to help you.  In fact, if a plant is doing really well in your garden/yard (whether intentionally planted or a weed) your best bet is to identify it and call it by name… It wants to meet you and offer you something!

The post I am creating is something I have never attempted in such fashion.  A meditation which involves looking at pictures of flowers and finding which one, if any, would like to be your new Best Friend.  So to prepare yourself, again take notice of which flowers are waving Hello or calling your attention from the corner of your eye.  And I will present you with a post that you can take to the magic land of instinctual healing!

Lots of luke-warm Love,


ps – i figured luke warm is a great temp as compared to wicked hot or frigid.

May the Breeze bring you happiness xox

find yourself a peaceful place to meditate, it'll be worth it! start scouting!


4 thoughts on “Busy Bee: July Flies!

  1. Tepid love and tenderness right back at yah sweetie!

    Since your Title is Busy bee, I thought I would ask you if you are seeing an abundance of bees this year? Every time I go out to water (on even days) I see at least 30 or more bumble bees, and recently I am seeing the honey bees as well. they seem to LOVE the phlox, liatris, sunflowers (perennial ones), and their all time favorite seems to be catnip! After all the talk of the bees disappearing are they returning? (or was this another attempt at control by fear by the gov’t and simply a conspiracy? – ask B2 what he thinks)

    There are also plenty of butterfies in my garden sending you kisses with the flapping (?) of their wings.

    I have stopped swearing at the wild morning glory vine that is choking my plants and have now asked it to please stop (per your last musing). I think this, along with cutting it off at the root is helping since I am not seeing them taking on new plants to climb. I think it is also helping the surrounding plants since they are no longer receiving the negative energy I was sending to the vine, even though I would apologize to them profusely for subjecting them to my negativity.

    and, for pj, I went on the secret garden tour today in Newport and at the entry to one of the gradens was a beautiful oxalyis and I thought of him 🙂 Hope all is well out in the middle of the country. hugs to you.

  2. Hello Cathy,

    I am hoping this Bee abundance you are seeing is due to our devote effort as Humans to repopulate a species which has become at-risk. Congratulations on creating an unconscious Bee Sanctuary in your backyard, by not spraying synthetic/dangerous chemicals and by growing flowers that the Bees love!

    There has been a flock of Butterflies that hang out at our colorful shed on the Farm. They say hello!

    I am noticing this year that certain Weeds come out at certain times of the Summer. Something I had failed to observe in previous Farm Adventures. So the Morning Glory Vine may be an early sprouter, making its way up the plant so as the plant gets bigger, it goes up with it.
    I am very glad to hear that you are being so friendly to the Vine, because plants prefer to be treated equally at least, if not appreciated as an Elder. They were here a long time before us, so who’s to say we aren’t in their way!
    I think next Spring, if they return. You can try what I try with mosquitos…
    “If you [land on me], and you [bite me], I may have to kill you, which I don’t want to do. Please go away.”
    ; )

  3. What a wonderful (almost) Fall/Birthday morning it is! The bees I was telling you about earlier in July are still in abundance in the garden right now! I was very faithful in deadheading my flowers this year and I STILL have phlox, balloon flowers, sunflowers, pincushion, rudibekia, and a few others still in bloom! My lavendar is even sending up a second coming as is the catnip, which makes sweet Lotus happy!
    So, the reason for my update is I wanted to share with you some information I heard in the coffee room at work! One of my colleagues was talking about the Providence film festival she had attended. She was telling us that she had gone to see a fabulous documentary about bees, the hazards they are under due to the conditions they are facing right now, and their habits. She was explaining how they gather the flower nectar and she turned to me and said you must have many bees in YOUR yard (she knows my flowers from all the vases of flowers I bring in to share). She told me (which you may already know but I found fascinating) that the bees communicate to each other on sources of food and nectar by dancing the directions to one another. She said they then spread the word down the line to one another through the dances! It made me think of the dogs barking out the mesage in 101 Dalmations 🙂 Well, they must still be dancing out my address because they are still arriving in droves! I try and give them their space when I am out in the garden and try to tend areas where they are not working. They do not seem to like to get wet if I accidentally water where they are working. If I do get water on them they will slowly drop to the ground and walk around. I guesss they are trying to dry off? A couple times when I have really soaked a couple of them and they just sat on the ground under the plant I scooped them up with a leaf and placed them in the sun to dry – do not know if this helped, but they were gone later when I checked.
    Anyway, that is my long wordy story for you. May the bees dance the essence of my love to you and B2 …

    • That is a beautiful post Cathy, your details are exciting and I can imagine the Bees doing as you describe. Thank you for the update!
      I love the idea of them dancing directions, like really dancing and somehow their dance moves say “party at Cathy’s”. I work with Bumble Bees when I harvest Cherry Tomatoes. I say “Hello Bumble’ and he or she follows me down the line. It’s like I am somehow influencing their dance moves with mine….

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