Autumnal Equinox: Celebrating Mabon?

September 22cnd this time around.  The Autumnal Equinox always seems to float, between the 21st and the 23rd.

as the Sun sets

The second half of the year’s balance between Day and Night (and all the symbology that stands behind the two).  The Autumnal Equinox signifies the return of Night.

the Moon rises

Mabon is the name of the son who disappears, but eventually returns.  Just like the large orange in the sky.

The celebrating includes classic harvest traditions, and the recognition of Night’s return, as well as the blessings for the Sun’s return in December.  Thanking the Earth and filling the root cellar are also part of the fun!

And personally, I spend my time with a good Libra friend who shares the Equinox Birthday, with the Full Moon to boot.

How will you celebrate?



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