Singing with the Rain, Dancing with the Wind

Standing like a Tree

with my Roots going down

my Branches wide and open!

Come down the Rain

Come down the Sun

Come down the Fruit to the Heart that is open

to be Standing like a Tree…

I remembered this song today while digging Potatoes in the Rain on Open Heart Farm.  I thought to myself “Hey, I know a song with the lyrics “Open Heart” in it’.  Digging like a dog when it’s dry out is pretty tough, but squatting in the mud only gets you muddier.  It could have been a long soggy day… but instead I harnessed the Magic of Song, and it always keeps me going.

So I did many many rounds of the song above, while I sifted through the soil for gold; Corolla Potato gold that is.  It is quite the tradition now on the Farm to bust out in cheery song whenever the Sun hides behind a black&white Sky.  And when the Wind takes your jacket, there’s nothing else to do but dance.  With Autumn’s leaves flying in circles and the Spirit Wind returning for the powerful days of Samhain, I find the wind speaking louder and demanding more dance!  There are many invitations to waltz with the Wind throughout the day:  Spinning around to get hair out of your face, waving your arms to face your Collard leaves in a bunch, and the occasional powerslide of shaking Tree leaves which speaks before it appears.

When we sing in the Fields, we usually start with the song that’s already playing in our brains.  We sing until the Veggies have given us lyrics to replace.  Then our song becomes Farm-related.  And the Veggies brighten and bounce, enjoying the show.  Even the snails get down!

Here are some of our favorites from the Field:


Broccoli sung to the 1950’s pop song Lollipop (thanks Addie!)

“Broccoli, Broccoli, ooh la la Broccoli, Broccoli!..So yum yum yum…”

Listen and sing it here!


One-Ton Tomato sung to the Cuban melody of Guantanamera (thanks Dad!)

“One ton Tomata…..I need a one ton Tomata…..One ton Tomataaah…..I need a one ton Tomata”

Try it for yourself here! it’s so good!


The next time you find yourself cooking, gardening or strolling across the Lawn take the song stuck in your head and fit some Plant lyrics in there.  Sing out loud!  And watch your green friends smile.

I would love to read what you come up with!



2 thoughts on “Singing with the Rain, Dancing with the Wind

  1. Janet and I would always make up our own words to songs! I love it! I was thinking of the song you used to sing when you were at Herb Pharm, and then you, B2, and I sang it in Jamaica while camping – not sure the bluz singer joined us? What are the words to that one? It always makes me feel good.

  2. I really had hoped the links your provided were going to be you singing but now that I’m listening to the actual songs I see how you easily replaced the lyrics – especially “One ton tomatah.” Singing does wonders.

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