HerbalooReview: Urban Moonshine’s Digestif

Urban Moonshine is a Vermont handcrafted Herbal Company which produces an Organic line of Bitters and Tonics.  Whether you need a syrup to slug while your sick, a potion to get your mojo working, or a bitter-sweet ally to your digestion – they’ve got you covered.  They rely on a tight-knit group of Herbs to produce their delightful brews.  In this post I will review their Bitters line, specifically their ‘oh so convenient’ 10 ml Bitters Spray.

Many years ago I found myself longing for a form of bitters that I could incorporate into my life.  Why bitters?, you ask.  Well they happen to be one of the most important tastes that your tongue can rope and saddle.  During the day I have no problem letting sweets and savouries spread their tastiness upon my taste buds.  But how on Earth would I bring a bitter to a loving state?

Urban Moonshine has created a product that I can honestly say has changed my life.  The convenience of a spray bottle makes for a fun and easy way to indulge in the most rare form of taste here in America.  When was the last time you found yourself saying, “I want to eat something bitter.”  Probably never.  Because we as Americans somewhat frown upon bitter as an option.  We use salt to take the bitterness out of eggplant, we harvest lettuce early to avoid bitterness, and we jump at the thought of asking a bitter to dinner.

When I found myself craving bitters, it wasn’t until after I found myself craving sweets.  A bitter girl eating sweets to become less bitter.  This only brought my body to a more confused and congested state.  Instead the answer was to bring more Bitter Herbs into my diet.  Not only do they lift your mood, they also jump-start your digestion.  Bitters signal the metabolism to start breaking down the food in your system and moving it out.  If it weren’t for bitters, our endocrine system would be a long and tangled mess.  Bile, a naturally occurring substance in the body, is extremely bitter!  And thanks to that sack we call the gall bladder, bile is regulated and released for digestion.  But not without the help of bitter contact to the tongue.

Urban Moonshine’s spray “Digestif” is a reliable source of Herbal Bitters.  They recommend 1 or 2 sprays into the mouth before or after a meal.  You can also add a spray to your evening cocktail to give the liver some backup.  When eating a meal, the bitters aid in digestion and help to trigger all the necessary components in the process. You feel productive, energized and you may experience a lighter mood.

I feel Urban Moonshine has created a wonderful product at an affordable price that anyone would be delighted to bring home.  They offer their Digestif Spray in three flavors, Original – Citrus – and Maple.  If you are new to bitters try the Maple.  Their website offers the complete line of Bitters, as well as an Immunity Tonic, Longevity Tonic, and Love Tonic.  You can also find them at your local health food store, and if it’s not there, ask the owners to start carrying it!

eat, drink, and spray bitters!



3 thoughts on “HerbalooReview: Urban Moonshine’s Digestif

  1. gotta say that they helped me in the Vermont mountains when we ate, and ate, and ate, and drank! Relieved the feeling of fullness when your stomach catches up with your brain (much too late).
    as for a bitter girl? i don’t see it …

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