All Hallow’s Blessing & the Larch

hello Earth. i can see deeper into your woods now, and bits of green still survive with the nip of winter.  dearest Persephone blows kisses of warmth as she descends.  winter you seem so frigid, but the earth brings warmth at the hearth and potential is born.  i am lulled into hibernation and the cave has light.  my body dances to keep warm and we all dance life.

the air is barren and the spirits can be frightening.  the veil can be opened in either direction.  as flighty the migration, the deepness of our roots hold onto molten lava.  a great melting pot of life.

hold me close dear Earth, while the seasons change.  may this little light shine in our darkest days.  let us embrace gravity and prepare for the boomerang.  enjoy the distance dear Sun, may your lasso be strong in remembrance. light of my life.

Blessings to You on this day of Samhain!

The Larch Tree stands tall and colored outside the porch. He will lose his needles for the winter, and yet he is a Conifer, in the ‘Evergreen’ Family.  He carries out actions which are unlike those of his kind, he is breaking out of the confines of the Conifers and living well.  He grows new needles every Spring and remains confident all Winter that such will happen.  As a Flower Essence, the Larch gives you confidence through daring adventures along the evolutionary pathway we call Life.  “Stand mighty and test your strength outside of the box, it’s okay you can do it!”  The Larch is in the Pinaceae family and is of the Larix genus.  I am not sure which species of Larix is growing in my yard, though I would imagine any of the Larch species would have good Spirit Medicine.  As well as sister Tamarack, a smaller version of sorts to the Larch.


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