Plant Spirit Farming (dot com)

Lettuce have a genre which describes growing our Food with Love.

Lettuce bring together the power of Plant Spirit Medicine and the yoga-like act of Farming.

Lettuce embrace our delicate dance with the Earth.

Lettuce know who grows our [Soul] Food.

In celebration I have created the website

Please bookmark this resource page and check back often for updates!

Like a fine wine, it gets better with age


Thank you to Everyone who has visited the Herbaloo Blog,

you have made possible!

enjoy! xxoo



2 thoughts on “Plant Spirit Farming (dot com)

  1. i’m so happy about everything i’m reading in the book, and never would have imagined how sentient they are. it is truly beautiful and wonderful to know. i feel like i’ve waited all my life to read this book, so thank you for recommending it.

    lovely new website, loo 🙂 congratulations.


  2. It’s pretty amazing, I’m glad you are enjoying ‘The Secret Life of Plants’. There is another one called ‘The Secret Life of Soil’. Though i’ve never read it….. i would.

    thank you! i’m currently getting items ready for Etsy – yay!

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