The Basil Experiment: discussion

Oh Holy Basil.  You are such a sweet and humble herb.  My body and mind crave you when my moon cycle beckons.  I am like night and day without you.  Yes, yes.  I have P.M.S.  But wouldn’t you know that to understand my cycle’s sacredness I can count on a Sacred Herb.  Ms Tulasi.  The Holiest of Basils.  A Queen.

I was pondering last night the forms of Holy Basil I have been ingesting.  As you may have seen, I have a group of small Tulsi in a window box and I am interested in utilizing them for medicine.  But which form would be most efficient, in all regards?  I tried a Flower Essence, but I decided to give it back to the plant as a thank-you.  And a possible boost in growth/morale.  Such a tiny window box…


The medicinal effect I receive from the capsules I take (Tulsi post) has been the most predominant (along with an ever-present Tulsi Plant Spirit).  The capsules are a mixture of three varieties of Holy Basil/Tulsi, dried.  Medicinal herbs can have different effects whether they are fresh, dried, tinctured or combined into an oil.  The combination of the three dried herbs being lodged directly into my stomach has given my body what it needs to overcome…dun, dun, dun…the dreaded PMS!  And that statement points out another part of the medicine.  To no longer see my Moon Cycle as something ‘unfortunate’ but instead love the powers Mother Earth and the Moon have gifted me.  So instead I say, ‘Oh, I have PMS.  My body is in need of something nourishing, because I’m low on something.”  By taking dried herb capsules, I am essentially eating the dried herb.  And if that’s the case, is there another way to ingest that much dried herb at once?  When I was using the same, if not more weight of Holy Basil in the form of tea, it did not work in the same manner.  This means if I take dried Tulsi and brew it, the effects on my body are dulled.  Maybe it’s because I was not having the tea like soup, and swallowing the dried herb.  I think that is the key.  I have heard once before that Tea is just “colored water” and if you really want to reap the benefits of an herb in water you must infuse it four hours, at least (Susun Weed, UPS conference 2009).

Tulsi Soup anyone?

(i did not make this image)

The Pimple Cure cream is really quite a go-to for us now.  Every once in a while a zit slips by and creates a distraction.  That’s when we praise Garden Basil and rub it in.  By the next morning the pimple’s inflammation is gone and concentrates any amount of infection.  I usually pop it at that point, but it’s bad news because you can get a scar.  Instead you can put a hot washcloth over it, with a slice of ginger if you have it around, and then essentially wipe the pimple off.  Without Garden Basil this process could take up to a week.  Instead you can get rid of it in two or three days.  My Boyfriend seconds that.

As far as listening for the right cures to come along, I’d say Basil was a good match in both cases.  Though it was Garden Basil who introduced me to Tulsi and Thai Basil again.  And as their meditation revealed, they prefer to come in a fleet.

Flower Essence, Oil, and Food.

Thai Basil



3 thoughts on “The Basil Experiment: discussion

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