a year with Basil

December 9th.  Coincidentally my favorite day of the year to take a look at how life’s been the past 364 days of it.  The New Year is around the corner and I’ve usually made the transition from Farm- job to winter-job by this point.  I like to make note of where I am today and what facts are true and solid in my life according to here and now.  Next year I will look back on today and see how much further down the road I’ve traveled.

Today will be the last official day for the blog’s Basil Experiment.  The conclusion to the Experiment is upon me and it’s time to reflect on how a year with Basil has influenced my current human status.  The experiment with Basil will never truly end, but we can mark off our one year anniversary as a time to invite a new Herb to the forefront for research.

Basil Experiment: Conclusion

I have gotten to know Basil quite well, quite well indeed.  I am tightly knit to Tulsi at this point, regularly inviting her Spirit and physical medicine into my organs to see life with a Tulsi-tint.  And it is so beautiful.  I work with the Holy Basil herb as a tonic, meaning I am using the medicine over an extended period of time to nourish my body.  I find it most beneficial to the reproductive system and nervous system.  Although I wouldn’t be surprised if other areas are benefiting behind the scenes.

My Thai Basil sprig from the summer has left the building, but not without leaving some seeds behind.  It was sad to see her go but I’m excited to start new plants soon.  She stuck around long enough to display her power and love.  Now it’s up to me to return the favor.  And I recently connected with a farmer in India because of Thai Basil…  so her Spirit still speaks!

Garden Basil and I have been friends for a long time, but we had never gotten to know each other on the Spirit level.  It has been wonderful to use the plant for medicine, after strictly using it for food for years.  I am looking forward to incorporating Basil into more of my handcrafted medicines.  And I have a feeling there are more revelations to come with this one!

Once you are connected with an herb on a Spirit level it is common to receive insight throughout your day.  This did occur and I was thankful every time I heard their whispers.  However, I feel like I did not spend enough time getting into more of a meditative ‘trance’.  These are helpful because you can astral travel to meet plants around the World, and you can hear messages more thoroughly and with more precision.  Hopefully I didn’t miss out on anything…

The Ocimum genus is wonderful and I am glad to have experimented with the Basils.  You can access the complete Basil Experiment here.  Please feel free to comment with any questions, ideas, or desires you may have about Basil!

Darling Basil Family, you are a joy of purple passion and green goodness –  powerful with life and culture.  You are welcome anytime in my garden, or on my plate.  I pray your native stands are healthy and vigorous.  Your scent will forever remind me of purity.  Namaste



One thought on “a year with Basil

  1. Hi,

    This is a fascinating experience with the Basil family and with TempleTulsi or Krishna Tulsi (India). I marvel at how you are able to sense the vibrations emanated by these wonderful herbs.

    Read your Basil Experiment and will need to understand more and learn more too.

    Will return again to your amazing blog!


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