Yule love it!

This Solstice is one to remember.  Just for the mere fact that the Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon on the Winter Solstice apparently won’t happen again for hundreds of years.


(c) Greg's World


The Winter Solstice is our longest night of the year, and marks the pivotal trio of days when the Sun returns.  This is why so many religions celebrate the greater Spirit during these days.  The Earth religions call it Yule and celebrate the confidence the Sun brings to the Earth Wheel.


(c) Greg's World


In the past month I’ve had several intuitive thoughts about St John’s Wort.  Interestingly enough I found a homeopathic spray of Hypericum on a clearance table last weekend.  (I love sprays!)  I am using it on my back to relieve local tension and stress.

St John’s Wort is the poster boy for the Summer Solstice, but I think he came to us intentionally now.  As a Farmer I am hesitant to use St J during the summer when all of my time is spent scorching in the sun.  Instead, I can use St J now when more sun is always a good thing.  We’ve even been spraying a little on our faces … something we both automatically wanted to do.  Consider this a mini-experiment, and stay tuned for a future update on the Sunshine King.

May your seeds be planted with good intentions,

May your days be satisfying when you rest your head.

Remain good to the Earth and feel the love of your Mother,

Remain as your True Self and the Sunshine will always return.

Warm heartful wishes to you on this Solstice Day, Namaste.





One thought on “Yule love it!

  1. Зверобой

    Just saw this word in my search results for the blog. Googled it, and apparently its also spelled “Tutsan” and is the Russian word for St’ John’s Wort.

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