Winter’s the New Spring: a resolution

Happy 2011 !

The last year before 2012.  If you’ve been in a cave for the last decade and haven’t heard the rumor about 2012, don’t bother.  The trend lately has been to turn it into a scare tactic.  There’s no definitive answer as to why the Mayans stopped their calendar at year 2012.  But it is quite obvious that something may happen at some point…

After going from confident to unsure to amused to frightened about 2012, I finally read something that made sense.  In Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing she discusses the many indigenous cultures who have found significance around the year 2012. But instead of total Earth destruction, they see it as the beginning of a new Earth.  “A paradigm shift” to appropriately quote Pam.  A time when humans will be drawn back to the Earth for guidance and learn to love and care for her as our Ancestors did.

magical art of Thalia Took

Have you noticed the rise in popularity of sustainable and organic business practices?  It really spreads across the board.  From airplanes to sex toys, you can find a ‘green’ version of just about anything.  Our paradigm shift is already in the making.  What significant changes will we make to lessen our carbon footprint in the next year?  Enough to fuel our paradigm shift?

In the year 2011, my resolution is to be proactive with my impact on the Earth.  Continue supporting local, sustainable businesses and buying organic – continue being proactive with my health and preventing disease – continue the reduce, reuse, recycle triangle – and taking each to a higher level of efficiency.  A couple of old ideas need more attention: plant trees everywhere – turn off the tv – have potlucks with a goal – write to my local congressman – utilize grants – meditate every day – make functional art.  As more ways to have a positive impact on the Earth become apparent through the year, I will incorporate them too.

borrowed from jason

A human’s impact on the Earth is not just the footprints you leave behind.  The interactions you have day-to-day either send out positive vibrations or negative ones.  The way we treat (and eat) our animal brothers and sisters impacts the Earth on a huge scale.  And of course, what impact are you creating on yourself, in your own home?

To say Winter is the new Spring, is not my way of emphasizing our global warming conundrum (ehem) but a new way of looking at the start of a New Year.  Why do we have to wait until Spring to start cleaning and celebrating?  The sun began its revival December 21st, and for me that means more sunlight and more activity.  If I were a bear, I’d wake up now!  What I mean by Winter is the new Spring is this – all of the uplifting feelings and excitement that Spring embodies can break ground now.  Why stay in a sleeping unconscious state for the next three months when you could be growing up green?

borrowed from

Consider this, the self reflection and inward thoughts that accompany Winter’s sleepy snow and rain can be utilized as a means of preparation.  So that when the real ‘Spring’ arrives you are ready to implement your goals for greening your life.  (If you haven’t already started.)  De-clutter your life of energy-sucking bad habits while you’re stuck inside, and Spring will bring much more of a positive change to the Earth.

Goodluck, and may your quiet days of January, February and March

see a new light.




Have you recently discovered any Earth friendly products

that you’d like to share with the Herbaloo community?





7 thoughts on “Winter’s the New Spring: a resolution

  1. Very positive post! I choose to see 2012 as a time for a positive paradigm shift, too. Even if it doesn’t happen, it makes a lot of sense to start (or keep) doing things that are healthy for ourselves and the planet while we are waiting to see what next year brings. Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!

  2. A note to add to your well written, but true to current events taking place right now around the world— I was watching a fashion forward show “What Not to Wear”, (although I deem its’ learning’s to be quite monotonous in its’ most recent episodes), watched an episode today where an environmentalist from Nevada show the two hosts- Stacey and Clinton- what eco shopping is and how the up-rise of sustainable eco/green fashion is getting to be quite popular — even in Manhattan where they took her to go shopping. It was very interesting to have these two hosts make verbal to their audience of this being something new that they had learned. I hope the people watching this also learned for themselves.

    The problem is that general public of people do not even know of the impact of producing new non-renewable materials such as cotton, silk, and even worse– polyester, and other synthetically made fibers. We continue to buy new clothing, yet are so eco-conscious in the rest of the normal consumer purchases of eco friendly homegoods/food products. I hope this year will bring the idea of being eco-friendly together— not separating different categories of things we consume/wear.

    I design accessories and apparel using recycled materials, saving things from landfills— and hope this will become a trend this year.

    Thank you Herbaloo for you wonderful posts. I enjoy reading each and every one. Happy 2011 to you and yours <3.

    ❤ ❤

    • Simply perfect Joolie, thank you for adding to our awareness. I sometimes see green clothing as an added bonus, but I found myself today, before I logged on, wanting to support a local eco-clothing business instead of the jam-packed possible sweat shop I was about to shop in…the appropriate coincidence.

      Buying eco-friendly fabric is beneficial to our natural resources, our skin, and the compost pile!

      Thank you again for bringing attention to this!

  3. Thank you for such a positive post and thoughtful outlook on 2012 – which I’ve never thought to be the year of impending disaster rather a year of change. In all areas of life we need to exude and cultivate positive thoughts and feelings. If you like the idea of “potlucks with a goal” check out this project:

    Happy New Year!

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