Sap’s runnin’

It’s that first scent of Spring kind of sneezy.  The day’s temperatures reach above 40 degrees F and the nights drop below freezing.  The trees start to breathe sap through their sleepy trunks and limbs.  Just thinking of it runs electricty up my spine!  As March approaches like a Lion, and the snow comes and goes, watch the very tips of the Trees.

Plump buds may already be there.

It’s always the Trees that spark my nose to sneeze and trickle.  It’s breath-taking and awakening to be revived through a pollen sneeze -but- it can also cause quite a ruckus.  In this case I call upon our dear Sister Nettles.  Her irritating hairs cure my irritated nose…in a sense.  Nettles calms my nose by reducing its production of histamine.  When my nose senses a dusting of foreign objects, it produces histamines to protect me.  But I love and trust Tree pollen so I am willing to let Nettles relax my nostrils.

Introducing       – – – – –      the Nettles Neti

Into your neti-pot* add a cup of strong Nettles infusion, cooled to room temperature, and flush the olfactory.  See if that will tame your histamine frenzy.  I plan to do it with a bit of Goldenseal included, to kill bacteria on contact.  I ran myself a little sinus infection with all that sneezin and honkin.

That’s all, folks.


*What’s a neti-pot you ask?  How do you flush the olfactory?  Well stay tuned and a little birdy may show you.


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