Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge

While grazing through Herban Lifestyle’s blog I saw this interesting badge she was sporting…

Brighter Planet’s 350 challenge is for bloggers who want to help offset some of their carbon footprint (Carbon offsets – usually a planting of trees which will suck up carbon from the air and sink it into their beings).  Also known as a carbon sink, large masses of Trees will breathe in CO2 and release oxygen for us to breathe in return; aka our most scientific connection to the Plant Spirits.  In fact, it is young Trees that suck up the most carbon, due to their ‘rapid’ growth and need for wood building-blocks.

Brighter Planet is actually donating the funds to do so!  Their goal was to reach 350 bloggers so they could donate enough money to buy carbon offsets for 122,500 pounds of carbon.  “That’s like turning off 38,000 light bulbs for a day!”  Quote from Andy Rossmeissl. Even though they have already met their goal of 350 bloggers, maybe they will donate more money with another 350!  Check out their current renewable energy projects here , including wind farms, reforestation, and methane digestion!


visit to learn more



Their business side of the business sells a service which calculates your carbon footprint accurately so you can thus reduce it to a ‘sustainable’ level.  Meaning, enough Trees would exist on Earth for you to pump out carbon at this ‘safe’ level.  The 350 Challenge was modeled after Bill McKibbin’s wise words.  He believes the Earth can only sustain itself if, as a whole, we lower our Carbon footprint enough to bring the CO2 concentration in the air to 350 parts per million.  Bill McKibbin is a hero of mine and wouldn’t you know Brighter Planet is based out of Middlebury, VT.

Thanks Herban Lifestyle for wearing their badge, and showing me (and probably many more readers) a company who is working to lower Atmospheric Carbon to bring  health to our Great Mother – the Earth.

Nature Nurturers Unite!



2 thoughts on “Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge

  1. I’m so glad to see that you are spreading the word about the 350 Challenge. After watching “The Age of Stupid” last night, the climate and our energy usage was topmost on my mind this morning.

    By the way, you have inspired me. Tomorrow is the begging of week 4 for me on the Nettle Challenge. I love the way nettle infusion tastes — yummy and nourishing. Thank you!

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