A Spring in Your Step

Happy Spring!  Another powerful transition when a full Moon rose on the Equinox, opposite a rainbow sunset after a sunny day.

Ostara celebrates the new beginnings Spring brings.  Rebirth!  The goddess of the Dawn is worshipped for fertility, in the image of a bouncing bunny.  I saw a flock of at least 10 when I arrived on Aquidneck Island for a visit: sun set and moon shining.  A late night snack, maybe?  Or were they hiding eggs?  Like the randy rabbits, I too have felt the urge to snack on fresh greens – a break away from this winter’s protein and potatoes.  Early Spring greens, like Dandelion, gently cleanse the digestive system and can reawaken your Spirit.  Bitter greens may have the bunny’s heart, but the Fairies prefer gifts of sweetness this time of year.  Hiding eggs into the womb of the Earth can be a ritual used to plant the seeds of good intention for the seasons to follow.  We can wake up from our snow-induced slumber to follow through with our commitments to improve life for the Earth’s inhabitants.

Dandelion Greens - image from allnaturalAnnie.com - image linked to her post about cooking them proper

My heart feels buoyant, and yet weighted.

Japan’s tragedy may be another cry from the planet of impending change.  We are connected to the source that has produced this catastrophe – our Mother Earth.  I believe we can connect to this source and ask for help.  Ask what we must do to help her heal.

So while I hone in on the energy of the Spring plants and animals, I awaken my Spirit and tone my stamina for a year of lightening my tread.  My honor to reduce, reuse, and recycle and to re-evaluate my standard of living is a challenge but something my heart needs to fulfill.  I feel the light getting brighter, and it is only the shame of my own footprint that anchors my buoy to the bottom of the Ocean.


Goodluck with your own quests to create a responsible style of life.  And I pray that in times of need we can band together as one.  If you know of any light-footprint ways to help Japan, please post in the comments to share with the Herbaloo community.  And for your own health, to reduce the impact of radiation on your body, you can slowly add more protective healing foods:  Seaweed harvested from an organic source and Tulsi, the Queen Holy Basil, who increases the body’s resistance to radiation.

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