Has the “Hachoo!” gotchu? [part deux]

I recently listened to a ‘tele-lecture’ led by clinical herbalist Guido Mase, through the Urban Moonshine free herbal education series!

His topic: “Natural Solutions to Seasonal Allergies”

Guido explained that there are three areas to address when curing the allergy dis-ease: local relief in the upper respiratory – liver function and its efficiency in removing free radicals – and the calming/toning of the Immune system to decrease unnecessary inflammation throughout the body.

Nettle tips

Nettles are part of the local relief – they help to reduce reaction in the face (nose, throat ,eyes, ears, head) with astringency and bioflavonoids.  The plant helps to reduce inflammation with its anti-histamine properties.  Guido suggested taking a tincture made from fresh Nettles or eating a roll-up of the fresh leaves (though he warned that stinging of the mouth may occur…).  Both can be done as needed while symptoms persist.

Toning liver function and the immune system are the best long-term way to cure yourself of allergies – it’s where it all starts.  If you can increase the efficiency of these organs you can eliminate seasonal allergies all together.

gi tract, liver

The liver takes the toxins entering the body and turns them into free radicals while breaking them down.  This causes floating poisons to clog up the various nooks and crannies of the body-temple.  If the liver is functioning properly, it will act more efficiently to combine the free radicals with antioxidants (like pomegranates) to move them out of the body.  Thus reducing toxin build up and giving the liver more liberty to deal with unusable foreign objects such as pollen.

immune system

The immune system causes allergies with its endless production of inflammating histamine.  It’s what makes your nose clogged and your eyes water.  When an antibody-generator (anti-gen) enters the body, the immune system sends white blood cells to attack by building a highway with fluids and inflammation.  If you give your immune system a proper toning, it can become less reactive and more “tolerant” to the common allergens.  You might still sneeze if you inhale black pepper accidentally, but you won’t be leaky and miserable for 12 hours.

Allergies to me, at this point, seem to be a monitor for the liver and the immune system.  If you are having allergies, your filled to the brim with toxins (!) and it’s time to clean house.

Ganoderma - Reishi

There was one medicinal forest creature which Guido explained as covering all three bases (local,liver,immune): Red Reishi Mushroom.  I was intrigued by this animal/plant which contains medicine from the dawn of the Earth.   The Red Reishi Mushroom grows on Hemlock and is supposedly due for an appearance soon.  Guido noticed in his clinical patients that the Red Reishi was able to get a grip on allergies and continue to work, toning the system, and becoming less of a problem/need over time.  The mushroom was able to reduce allergies and not make the user dependent on the medicine.  What a generous being.  (Speaking of generous, it is said that mushroom spores can live in outer space – and may have been this rock’s life-giving force.)

For more lectures from Guido Mase visit Urban Moonshine’s education page, or check out his website.

Good Luck and Good Riddance



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4 thoughts on “Has the “Hachoo!” gotchu? [part deux]

  1. good morning – I have been taking the Immunity tonic from Urban Moonshine every morning since February (hint – I do NOT recommend squirting it in your mouth right after toothpaste). This tincture contains the Red Reishi Mushroom, and I do believe that it has helped my allergies immensely this year. I keep hearing on the news that this is the worse allergy season in years, yet I have not been bothered by it very much. I will keep squirting the Immunity in my mouth every morning and will know for certain if this has helped on Labor Day (my worse time of year for allergies). I give thanks to the mushroom for the loving help it has provided me, and to you my sweet flower for the enlightenment 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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