Nettles checkup

Reading, Reading, Reading.  I found myself knee deep in what others have written about Nettles.  I’ve seen a few Nettles pop up in the garden.  So happy to see them.  I’ve been wanting to be stung, and haven’t.  I went to find my stash of dried Nettles and they are missing!  Am I suppossed to go harvest them fresh?  I am thinking I want to eat them…such a waste to have to compost the herb after infusion.

To be honest I haven’t been drinking the Nettles infusion as often as I had planned!  I made one brew with a few different herbs added to the Nettles right before my moon cycle – that was nice.  A pint/day seems like not enough once I start sipping.  There’s my inspiration I suppose.  It is different from the Basil experiment – when a pimple shows up you want to grab something to put on it.  The Tulsi I knew instantly made me feel better.  The Nettles are more long term – a tonic.  It’s learning a new routine.

My reading has gotten to the point where the herb is saying,

‘now drink me eat me gather me from the fields and love me!’

I will go to her this weekend in the meadow.

Maybe strip down and go for a roll……

Thought:  Nettle’s anti-histamine actions are letting the different body parts function again.  An inspiration to become functional again.  Maybe this is its same doctrine on the body system, nourishing it completely and allowing for proper operation.  Becoming awakened.

What’s up witch you?



4 thoughts on “Nettles checkup

  1. I’ve been steeping them with mint in my 3 cup coffee press. ‘Wish I had a clear teapot, but they’re so expensive and this works pretty well. I even steeped the same leaves twice with pretty potent results. After drinking all this over a couple days, I woke up the next morning having to blow my nose right away, and out came a whole bunch of snot. I wondered where that came from, but it felt like there was nothing else in there. That was it. The netttles apparently cleared my sinuses completely out!

  2. I purchased a pound of dried organic nettles to do nourishing infusions and found I absolutely couldn’t stand it. (label said they were from Egypt?) I simply shuddered when I drank it. Tasted like horse pi$$. (sorry, channeling my dad)
    Susun Weed and everybody says nettles…
    Went looking for nettles and found a few patches on a friends pristine 80 acres. They were all full of bug holes–every leaf on every plant. Polka Dot nettles! Love the idea of nettles, could benefit from them, but haven’t yet found my groove with nettles.
    This summer am working with much sweeter Lemon Balm. I did Tulsi last year too–grew all three kinds! Lovely! Found this blog and see a kindred spirit working with the plants…so cool!

    • Thank you Bee – I am glad you found the Herbaloo blog! I too have experienced what you are feeling with Nettles (though with other plants). I have noticed two things in response: Sometimes a plant with good intentions may not be perfect for us at a certain moment in time. I tried to work with Rhodiola for a bit and it wasn’t until I really sat back and appreciated its medicine that I was even able to feel it! The taste is still extreme but I know when my body’s ready it will crave it. Second, I use some plants in Spirit form only – the actual physical medicine is too strong. Or the medicine from the Plant Spirit is more appropriate for helping me. There may be a time when this Plant Spirit says – ok now drink me! But until then I apreciate working with the medicine of meditation. Maybe Nettles is waiting for something with you – or teaching you through this act of not being unavailable… The plant does require a lot of attention – hence the sting! Goodluck & many Blessings on your journey!

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