Two herbs are better than one?

It got me started when Yarrow would only come around with Queen Anne’s Lace.  My local lovers. Oh to be anywhere and know your names, my heart sings for you.  two.

While meditating to the Plant Spirits today I felt another plant combination coming forth – the Plant I was looking to speak with mentioned another Herb Spirit.  Nudging that they both be recognized.  When diagnosing or curing something with herbs I find many plants whose medicine could be fitting and wonder: is it better to concentrate on taking one specific plant for the cure, or should I use several different plants together, in order to cover all the areas of dis-ease?  During a recent Guido Mase lecture he confirmed my suspicions that it can be quite wise and beneficial to take several herbs at once.  (Whether that be together in one formula, or several herbs throughout the day.)

So I’m beginning to see that my herb friends will come in pairs – hang out in pairs – show up at the same time.  It was confusing at first – trying to reach out to an herb spirit and being confronted with a different herb, saying “you must speak with me before you see them.  they don’t want to see you right now.”  Good thing I listened, in time.  My herbal allies were only teaching me that they’re willing to speak if you’ll listen.  Queen Anne had me bow to her and give her my full attention, before I could dance again with Yarrow.  White Yarrow sends his love while Pink Yarrow brings me her undying efforts of unity.  So graceful and cheery.  I love Achillea millefolium, and must thank Ms Daucus for my reacquaintance.

In a meditation past, Queen Anne and I met in her native land of India.  While in this form she shared the name India Bindi with me.  Quite lovely.  I am planning a future post for the gathering of the Queen – she’s in bloom now and is showing her colors.  If you see a safe patch of Daucus carota (identify wisely) and she has a red center bindi, then tag her neck with a string for collection in the Autumn.  Her wisdom of contraception is present and ready for the masses.

with love and blessings


several herbs to a remedy


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