The Seasons, they are a-changin

Alphonse Mucha's 'seasons' in French

Bumble bee on Sedum

Grass hopper on Stashmint


Brown flyer on Sedum

Happy Autumnal Equinox

may your spectrum be balanced

with wings and roots

love, herbaloo


2 thoughts on “The Seasons, they are a-changin

  1. What can you tell me about sedum? I have been very attracted to it this indian summer, and I want to know how to make medicine with it.

  2. Joseph, With the Sedum’s Doctrine of Signatures as our guide (taking note of a plant’s medicine by its growing habits and physical details) – we’ve come up with the Sedum being useful in areas of: the vibrancy of the pink unconditional love chakra or that of the red root chakra, the success of future generations by protecting the seeds of existence, and bringing this medicine out at the final stages of an event or during times of change. But I feel there is more to it – a bit of meditation with the Plant will reveal any additional details. Ask Sedum, how will we work best together? Or in your own poetic words…

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