let the beauty of the plant affect you – s.h.b.

“Now, let the beauty of the plant affect you. Notice how much you care for it. Send out from your heart the love you feel. Encoded in the complex, multivaried field of your heart are the feelings of caring you are now generating. And the plant, like all life, will take them in, respond to them, altering its communications in turn.

“You will feel yourself slowing down as you do this, beginning to breathe more deeply as this progresses. This is the sign that you are moving more deeply into the heart as an organ of perception. Your entire physiological functioning is altering.

“your eyes will become soft focused

“your breathing slow and deep

“As you develop your sensitivity, you can feel the plant begin to move toward you, respond to you, engage with you, entrain your heart. You can tell, when you pay close attention, the moment when the two of you have established rapport…

“In the moment, send a request out from the deepest recesses of yourself. Ask the plant how you can use it as medicine. Tell it of your need.

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough George Washington Carver

“There will be a response. Though you may have to pay attention to your body, your feelings, and the odd stray thoughts or pictures that pop into your mind to receive it. Sometimes a phrase will, of itself, emerge into the mind…Or perhaps a picture will flash on the field of your interior vision…Or you will breathe deeply. Or a flush of relaxation will flow through your body and your skin begin to tingle.

or perhaps all of these”

From Stephen Harrod Buhner’s book The Secret Teachings of Plants pages 157-158.  Also titled The intelligence of the heart in the direct perception of Nature.



may your heart listen patiently, and may the plants whisper wonders





One thought on “let the beauty of the plant affect you – s.h.b.

  1. Howdy! Thank you for this beautiful piece of inspiration. The pictures too are meaningful. I’d love to read the ‘The secret teachings of plants!’

    Regards and have a lovely day!

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