Nettles Soup recipes // How to get souped on Urtica

Of course – a warm wintry soup!

 What a way to enjoy your infusion of Nettles.


Lentil Nettles Soup, served with 3 pieces of 1/2 toast: sesame-lavendar-honey, ghee, apricot jam.

Lentils ‘n’ Nettles

inspired by M.Y.

– – –

shallot, yellow onion, garlic


vegetable stock

infusion of nettles

carrot, kale, veg-etc (optional)

cayenne, sage, sweet marjoram, basil, kelp flakes

(and/or your favorite spices)

– – –

– Rinse lentils thoroughly (can soak for 4hrs up to overnight, but not necessary. decreases cooking time)

– Simmer lentils according to specific cook times (red lentils cook faster and becomes mushy, thickening the soup. french lentils and yellow lentils will stay firm and require longer cooking time)

– Cook your alliums (onion and shallot first) to your liking, add garlic and heat them up slightly.

– Add veggie stock and alliums to the lentils and simmer until the lentils have absorbed some of the stock.

– Add your Nettles infusion (as much as you’d like – the more the merrier!) along with your favorite herbs & spices* and heat until the perfect temperature to eat!

*Add your dried cayenne just before serving as this is the best way to receive its medicinal benefits (and cayenne can be found in varying degrees of hotness)


Wild Rice, Wild Nettles soup: served with the Doctor's Seedlander "crispbreads"

  Wild Rice, Wild Nettles

tonight, I wildly experiment

– – –


wild rice

potatoes (your choice! try sweets)

coconut milk

nettles infusion

carrots, corn, peas (or your veggies @ hand)

curry spices!

– – –

– Cook your Wild Rice first, it takes longer than white rice and will turn the water colors!

– Cut your potatoes into cubes and cook them in a frying pan to maintain shape

– When rice is almost done, Add garlic to the rice and turn down heat

– Add coconut milk and spices to the rice (curry powder or paste, turmeric, s & p, kelp flakes, basil) agave nectar and tamari.

– Add the potatoes when fully cooked and the Nettles infusion – simmer and blend your cauldron until desired temp!

– Serve with a pinch of dried cayenne powder and a squeeze of a lime

* When reheating this soup the next day, I found it to be very thick from the coconut milk, so I added 2 cups of veggie stock to my dinner bowl : )  yum!


bag o' nettles

*A tip for spring harvesting – when drying the fine nettles tops, place them spread out across the bottom of a well-ventilated basket (laundry basket, bread basket, anything with lots of small holes on the bottom) and dry them whole.  Store them in a paper bag when dried – rehydrating them later will bring back the sweet tops into a delicious treat in your soup.

– – –

health from the hearth,


– – –


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