Imbolc ~ I get it now

Imbolc is the celebratory day which lies half way between Yule and the Spring Equinox.  It is the time of year when the Ewes birth their lambs and we prepare the trees for tapping.  The warm weather week at the end of January leads to the freezing and thawing practice of the early Spring.  Every year is a bit different, and the further North you go the later these events come in to action.  However, Imbolc is still an important time around the globe to prepare for the birth of Spring and ensure the proper nourishment to sustain until such.


Brihgid, seen as the maiden goddess of Celtic tradition, blesses us with her presence on the night of Imbolc.  She signifies for many the sweet soul who wakes us from our slumber.  The first Spirit of life to bestow the flame back into our lives (and sky).  In Egypt she is called by another name, and is the mother of the Sun god Ra.

This is the first year I have truly felt the urge to celebrate Imbolc (or Oimelc ~ Ewe’s Milk ).  Two of my dear herbal friends have expressed interest in celebrating this year as well.  One will create ceremony for the fortune-bringing maiden Brihgid and the other will be sharing her ‘Winter supply’ as a gift to praise friendship.  I look forward to engaging in Brihgid’s creative good will as well, singing songs in the woods with the birds and the bears.

Imbolc is very close to Groundhog Day, with ancient hoopla merging the two in and out of each other’s traditions.  America celebrates Groundhog day in Pennsylvania and gives the economy the decision of whether Winter should be 6 weeks longer or not.  I can play with that.  I actually see it as a very significant way to create global consciousness and manifestation.  Here, here for 6 [more] weeks of Winter.  With the lack of snow and cold temperatures, I’d say I can get through another 6 weeks of disease killing, pest controlling weather.  Who knows what the future may bring.   Balance and Earth appreciation sound good to me: hoping for sun on the second.


Bless you,






3 thoughts on “Imbolc ~ I get it now

    • Thank you Bea! I’ve dabbled here and there with weather thoughts. My favorite so far has been Mother Nature denying us of Winter since we have a tendency to complain about it. Ask/act and you shall receive. I’m trying to continue my efforts on sustainability, which will hopefully combat global warming, if that’s what it is … Am interested in seeking out other herbalist’s thoughts, comparing trends in the farmer’s almanac, asking the plants and … Praying?

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