Earth Clock Equinox: out like a Lamb

Happy Spring!


(click the pic above for a closer read)




An indoor Maple Tree turned into what it ought not to be.

I believe it is Geranium, and is still fun to see.

A Tree with roots indoors to boot.  But alas, twas only throwing its hoot.

And outdoors I see, the bark of She.  And flowers reminding me …

But the silhouette proves differ, and the trunk a bit stiffer,

I am learning slowly.


Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum) has called to me for attention: to take stand and learn the Trees that grow above (and below) the Land.  For my Earth Apprentice 2012 Experimence I dedicate myself to the Silver Maple, in hopes that I will understand the trees a bit more, and how to properly identify them.  Silver Maple is blooming in my neighborhood.  They are one of the earliest Trees to have flowers in the Spring.  I plan to make a flower essence and meditate by her base this weekend.  I believe I have stowed away under a Silver Maple in my yard, but I can not rely souly on looks.  I must learn to speak Tree (and tag along with a Peterson Field Guide to the towering branches).




Enjoy your day today, and everyday!






3 thoughts on “Earth Clock Equinox: out like a Lamb

  1. funny, I ordered a silver maple for out front, but they were out of them, so I received the maple that is out in the front. I think you picked up the vibe that it THINKS it is a silver maple 🙂

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