Apothecary Pop-Up :: April





Viola & Taraxacum

::snuggling in bloom::










un-beknownst-to-me Tree, with Chelidonium – Leonarus – Taraxacum


Verbascum & friends






Please take note: These medicinals breaking ground in “waste places” are for Earth Medicine only!  If you want to harvest these medicinals, please do so from a clean & trusted plot.  These plants have the ability to take up the harshities in the soil – so leave them and let them do their thing … aka Earth Medicine!


3 thoughts on “Apothecary Pop-Up :: April

  1. Lovely photos! I love this time of the year when the herbs start popping up. A couple of weeks ago I made my first yard salad of the season with dandelion greens, garlic mustard, violet flowers and sage (the winter was so mild that my herbs never died back).

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