Apothecary Pop-Up :: Beltane – Solstice

Spring is on its way out – here are the “good-for-yous” that have broken ground before the true heat of summer!

















on June 19th

surrounded (protected?) by a ring of Poison Ivy

(*see comments below)







Lots of beauties pop-up this time of year.  A wonderful time to go for a stroll …


Your wandering Earth Apprentice,




Please take note: These medicinals breaking ground in “waste places” are for Earth Medicine only!  If you want to harvest these medicinals, please do so from a clean & trusted plot.  These plants have the ability to take up the harshities in the soil – so leave them and let them do their thing … aka Earth Medicine!


*In reference to the Hypericum pictured above, stating that it was surrounded by Poison Ivy:  I have an interesting relationship with Poison Ivy.  And apparently, the plant in the photo is not Poison Ivy…Or is it??  It’s gotten to the point where I have plants yell at me to “watch out” and I just assume anything with 3 leaves and a red stem is Poison Ivy – the ol’ better-safe-than-sorry.  I have never had a Poison Ivy rash (knock on tree), and I TROMP through the woods and meadows.  Watching where my feet land, of course!

So yeah – my manifestation of  “I want a man who can properly identify Poison Ivy” still holds true.

Please feel free to comment with your Poison Ivy stories/thoughts!  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Apothecary Pop-Up :: Beltane – Solstice

  1. you are so cool and knowledgeable.. let’s go for a walk in the woods together! Is it true that some folks don’t have reactions to poison ivy? I never have gotten it. knock on wood…

    • Hi Nicole! Thanks for visiting the blog, and for the very nice compliment! I love going on walks in the woods and meadows and playing a game called “Let’s learn about plants”, otherwise known as an ol’fashion herb walk!

      I added a bit about Poison Ivy at the bottom of the post to reply to your question, which has been a very popular question this time of year. My theory is if you are conscious and look out for plants, then the poisonous/itchy ones don’t have a chance to bump into you unexpectedly (yes – they bump into you!) 😀

  2. Chenopodium – lamb’s quarters, yes?? I have that pop up in my garden as one of the many weeds (in addition to milk weeds, horsetail, and plenty of grasses). What properties does it have, and what could I do with it other than pluck and toss it?

    • Chenopodium – Lamb’s Quarters – Yes!! They are a tasty wild green that can be harvested throughout the year, and high in something-or-other (Susun Weed says it best here – http://www.susunweed.com/herbal_ezine/September09/healingwise.htm) I prefer to wash them before eating as they have a grainy underside to their leaf. They are related to Quinoa, which the seeds resemble.

      Milkweed is named after the Greek Healing God – various uses have been recorded from present and ancient times.

      Horsetail – also known as the pot-scrubber, is high in silica. Can be used as mulch/fertilizer to bring light to soggy garden soil, and in shampoo to add strength to your locks! Also a ton of other uses out there.

      Grass – I say eat the seeds, that is, if you don’t mind letting it go to seed!

      Thanks for visiting, and for being so dern sensible!! xo

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