Apothecary Pop-Up: Solstice to Equinox

Happy Equinox ~ Merry Mabon ~ Peace out Persephone

Autumn has made its grand appearance once again, with its flux of orange, red, and maroon filling the fields of wildflowers and Vermont forests.  I enjoy this time of year, but do miss the warmth that Summer had us wrapped in.  The long hours spent with full sunlight are apparent in the harvests coming from the fields and the bounty of local medicinals available this time of year.  Not only need we reflect on the hard work our Farmers have put in to bring us such lusciously lavish meals, but think too of the great feats you have accomplished during the past season.  Nourish yourself whilst you prepare for hibernation.  Enjoy the outdoors while the sun still has its strength and the foliage its drastic beauty.  And pat yourself on the back for a Summer well done.  You can now pamper yourself and look forward to another season to contemplate your goals in life and where you are headed on your next journey.  Congratulations, you’ve climbed the sunlight platform and I offer you a hand for balance as we dance slowly with the Earth for some R&R.

and with that …

A few outta-no-where Allies that sprung up between the cracks during our return to homeostasis.







it was like a strawberry meets celosia. that little red piece is soft & not fleshy.

anybody know it?





No idea what this plant is.  Jewelweed meets Burdock ish.





my heart beats for you






May you find the essence of the flower blooming for you all Fall long




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