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Nettles Soup recipes // How to get souped on Urtica

Nettles Soup recipes // How to get souped on Urtica

Of course – a warm wintry soup!  What a way to enjoy your infusion of Nettles. _________________________________________ Lentils ‘n’ Nettles inspired by M.Y. – – – shallot, yellow onion, garlic lentils vegetable stock infusion of nettles carrot, kale, veg-etc (optional) cayenne, sage, sweet marjoram, basil, kelp flakes (and/or your favorite spices) – – – – … Continue reading

Mason Jar of Nature

It seems as though my time spent on the Herbaloo path has been limited – but alas – I am quite a busy bee with the herbal nature of things in my life.  Working for an herbal supplements company changes what I do in my free time.  Lately it’s been singing . . . Here’s … Continue reading

Has the “Hachoo!” gotchu? [part deux]

I recently listened to a ‘tele-lecture’ led by clinical herbalist Guido Mase, through the Urban Moonshine free herbal education series! His topic: “Natural Solutions to Seasonal Allergies” Guido explained that there are three areas to address when curing the allergy dis-ease: local relief in the upper respiratory – liver function and its efficiency in removing … Continue reading

Alchemy and You: a cordial

How to make an Herbal Cordial Add your berries, a few of your favorite herbs, cover with your liquor of choice, Voila! Shake daily and keep the herbs covered.  I made this cordial as a gift for a friend’s day of birth.  I meditated and let my intution guide me as I created the elixir.  … Continue reading

A Spring in Your Step

Happy Spring!  Another powerful transition when a full Moon rose on the Equinox, opposite a rainbow sunset after a sunny day. Ostara celebrates the new beginnings Spring brings.  Rebirth!  The goddess of the Dawn is worshipped for fertility, in the image of a bouncing bunny.  I saw a flock of at least 10 when I … Continue reading

Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge

While grazing through Herban Lifestyle’s blog I saw this interesting badge she was sporting… Brighter Planet’s 350 challenge is for bloggers who want to help offset some of their carbon footprint (Carbon offsets – usually a planting of trees which will suck up carbon from the air and sink it into their beings).  Also known … Continue reading

Winter’s the New Spring: a resolution

Happy 2011 ! The last year before 2012.  If you’ve been in a cave for the last decade and haven’t heard the rumor about 2012, don’t bother.  The trend lately has been to turn it into a scare tactic.  There’s no definitive answer as to why the Mayans stopped their calendar at year 2012.  But … Continue reading