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Parcel Apothecary’s Herbal CSA

Parcel Apothecary’s Herbal CSA

I am pleased to announce the launch of Parcel Apothecary! Parcel Apothecary offers an Herbal CSA, rooted in the Small Estate Gardens I tend along the coast of Rhode Island. Continue reading

A Kiss to the Whole World

A Kiss to the Whole World

The time has come.  Seven or so years later and the man of my longing has invited me to become intimate.  Though I can’t deny that his feminine side is just as present.  His cousins and field companions desired my attention long before I could stand alone with him.  So simple a being, and yet … Continue reading

Song of the Silver Maple

Song of the Silver Maple

Where do I even begin?  It has been an amazing year working with the Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum)  I could cry thinking of letting go of this beautiful Tree ~ there is still so much I want to learn and experience from her Spirit and Love.  It has been the first year that I am … Continue reading

Two herbs are better than one?

It got me started when Yarrow would only come around with Queen Anne’s Lace.  My local lovers. Oh to be anywhere and know your names, my heart sings for you.  two. While meditating to the Plant Spirits today I felt another plant combination coming forth – the Plant I was looking to speak with mentioned … Continue reading

The Nettles Experiment

Hypothesis: Will an infusion of Urtica dioica (“Stinging Nettles”) , taken as an everyday Tonic, nourish and tone my energy reserves? If I drink a quart of Nettles infusion per week then my energy levels will become balanced throughout the day because Nettles will supply my body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to … Continue reading

Sap’s runnin’

It’s that first scent of Spring kind of sneezy.  The day’s temperatures reach above 40 degrees F and the nights drop below freezing.  The trees start to breathe sap through their sleepy trunks and limbs.  Just thinking of it runs electricty up my spine!  As March approaches like a Lion, and the snow comes and … Continue reading

Yule love it!

This Solstice is one to remember.  Just for the mere fact that the Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon on the Winter Solstice apparently won’t happen again for hundreds of years.     The Winter Solstice is our longest night of the year, and marks the pivotal trio of days when the Sun returns.  This … Continue reading

a year with Basil

December 9th.  Coincidentally my favorite day of the year to take a look at how life’s been the past 364 days of it.  The New Year is around the corner and I’ve usually made the transition from Farm- job to winter-job by this point.  I like to make note of where I am today and … Continue reading