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The Basil Experiment: discussion

Oh Holy Basil.  You are such a sweet and humble herb.  My body and mind crave you when my moon cycle beckons.  I am like night and day without you.  Yes, yes.  I have P.M.S.  But wouldn’t you know that to understand my cycle’s sacredness I can count on a Sacred Herb.  Ms Tulasi.  The … Continue reading

Plant Spirit Farming (dot com)

Lettuce have a genre which describes growing our Food with Love. Lettuce bring together the power of Plant Spirit Medicine and the yoga-like act of Farming. Lettuce embrace our delicate dance with the Earth. Lettuce know who grows our [Soul] Food. In celebration I have created the website PlantSpiritFarming.com Please bookmark this resource page and … Continue reading

Wildflower in Autumn: Shepherd(ess)’s Purse

    Yup, they are still popping out of the soil.  The Wildflowers we see now are of two categories:  It’s-my-time-of-season Flowers and I-reseeded-myself-here Flowers.  Shepherd’s Purse falls into the reseeding category (puns-intended).  Early in the Spring this little heart-breaker comes out to play, seeds very quickly, and then waits all Summer for a late … Continue reading

Holy Basil! it’s Tulsi

Latin & Common Names: Ocimum sanctum – Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi Ocimum tenuiflorum – Holy Basil, Bubblegum Bush Ocimum gratissimum – Vana Tulsi, Tree Basil, Wild Tulsi Plant Family: Lamiaceae, the mint family Photo/Drawing/Sample: Ocimum sanctum Seeds I bought at Gardener’s Supply from High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott, VT.  I am not sure if it’s … Continue reading

Busy Bee: July Flies!

Dearest Earth Apprentees, July is the most productive/crazy busy month of the year, when it comes to farming.  My journals have almost always skipped this month all together.  Not only are we seeding our vegetables and herbs, weeding the plants already in the ground, but we are also harvesting up the wazoo and doing CSA … Continue reading

Musings from the Field: Cilantro & Dill

I convinced my Farmer to save these two herbs.  He had considered tilling them in and reseeding – due to weediness.  But with a positive attitude he gladly accepted and now there will be Cilantro & Dill for this week’s harvest!  Five different workers all had a chance to impart their special love to the … Continue reading

How Plant Spirit Farming arrived at Findhorn

Garden Name: Findhorn Founder(s): Eileen Caddy “Elixir”, Peter Caddy, & Dorothy Maclean “Divina”     Location: Northern Scotland at Findhorn Caravan Park originally in 1962, now Findhorn is registered as an eco-commune, inspiring cooperative living, organic plant spirit gardening, and ecological design Background / Inspiration: The three friends moved to Findhorn Caravan Park on a … Continue reading