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Mutant Wildflowers

Mutant Wildflowers

Thoughts on these multiple-headed genetic drifters? Plants have the ability to affect our DNA. What changes theirs?  Random acts of Nature? Is it beneficial to have many heads?  You would need multiple hats. I was induced into trance with Tulsi, and her and the Shaman taught me to learn something new. A simple request, but … Continue reading

Take the Honey, Ditch the Suckle

I present this week’s Wildflower. Lonicera tatarica – Tartarian Honeysuckle. If your past is dragging you down, Lonicera will show you the sweet honey every day has to offer and ween you off the breast of what could have/ would have/ should have been. Learn how to make your own Flower Essence! Continue reading

Wild Ground Ivy

Ok, so it’s snowing today.  However, the Ground Ivy is still in the place I left it.  And still medicinal! Meet Glechoma hederacea. Or is it Nepeta hederacea?  Well that’s just the thing!  You could go either way, unless you’re the USDA.  Then you stick with Glechoma as the species.  And if you don’t know … Continue reading