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Parcel Apothecary’s Herbal CSA

Parcel Apothecary’s Herbal CSA

I am pleased to announce the launch of Parcel Apothecary! Parcel Apothecary offers an Herbal CSA, rooted in the Small Estate Gardens I tend along the coast of Rhode Island. Continue reading


a little Tomato-row magic

these pictures are from August 2, 2010 enjoy! xo   i experienced a very powerful thunder storm, crouched literally under a tomato hedge, just down the row from this spot.  when i started, the sky was barely gray and the tomatoes needed pruning.  i crawled down the aisle pulling leaves from the bottom and suddenly … Continue reading

a year with Basil

December 9th.  Coincidentally my favorite day of the year to take a look at how life’s been the past 364 days of it.  The New Year is around the corner and I’ve usually made the transition from Farm- job to winter-job by this point.  I like to make note of where I am today and … Continue reading

The Basil Experiment: discussion

Oh Holy Basil.  You are such a sweet and humble herb.  My body and mind crave you when my moon cycle beckons.  I am like night and day without you.  Yes, yes.  I have P.M.S.  But wouldn’t you know that to understand my cycle’s sacredness I can count on a Sacred Herb.  Ms Tulasi.  The … Continue reading

Plant Spirit Farming (dot com)

Lettuce have a genre which describes growing our Food with Love. Lettuce bring together the power of Plant Spirit Medicine and the yoga-like act of Farming. Lettuce embrace our delicate dance with the Earth. Lettuce know who grows our [Soul] Food. In celebration I have created the website PlantSpiritFarming.com Please bookmark this resource page and … Continue reading

Wildflower in Autumn: Shepherd(ess)’s Purse

    Yup, they are still popping out of the soil.  The Wildflowers we see now are of two categories:  It’s-my-time-of-season Flowers and I-reseeded-myself-here Flowers.  Shepherd’s Purse falls into the reseeding category (puns-intended).  Early in the Spring this little heart-breaker comes out to play, seeds very quickly, and then waits all Summer for a late … Continue reading

Holy Basil! it’s Tulsi

Latin & Common Names: Ocimum sanctum – Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi Ocimum tenuiflorum – Holy Basil, Bubblegum Bush Ocimum gratissimum – Vana Tulsi, Tree Basil, Wild Tulsi Plant Family: Lamiaceae, the mint family Photo/Drawing/Sample: Ocimum sanctum Seeds I bought at Gardener’s Supply from High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott, VT.  I am not sure if it’s … Continue reading