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A Kiss to the Whole World

A Kiss to the Whole World

The time has come.  Seven or so years later and the man of my longing has invited me to become intimate.  Though I can’t deny that his feminine side is just as present.  His cousins and field companions desired my attention long before I could stand alone with him.  So simple a being, and yet … Continue reading

Apothecary Pop-Up: Solstice to Equinox

Apothecary Pop-Up: Solstice to Equinox

Happy Equinox ~ Merry Mabon ~ Peace out Persephone Autumn has made its grand appearance once again, with its flux of orange, red, and maroon filling the fields of wildflowers and Vermont forests.  I enjoy this time of year, but do miss the warmth that Summer had us wrapped in.  The long hours spent with … Continue reading

Mutant Wildflowers

Mutant Wildflowers

Thoughts on these multiple-headed genetic drifters? Plants have the ability to affect our DNA. What changes theirs?  Random acts of Nature? Is it beneficial to have many heads?  You would need multiple hats. I was induced into trance with Tulsi, and her and the Shaman taught me to learn something new. A simple request, but … Continue reading

Two herbs are better than one?

It got me started when Yarrow would only come around with Queen Anne’s Lace.  My local lovers. Oh to be anywhere and know your names, my heart sings for you.  two. While meditating to the Plant Spirits today I felt another plant combination coming forth – the Plant I was looking to speak with mentioned … Continue reading

What’s the Mallow?

A second time in my life when a mallow continues to grow in abundance in the cracks of sidewalks and such.  The variety in Arizona had peach-colored flowers and is named Globe Mallow.  The one here in Vermont is pretty in pink and sporting flowers like a hibiscus.  They remind me of Prim Rose.  It … Continue reading

All Hallow’s Blessing & the Larch

hello Earth. i can see deeper into your woods now, and bits of green still survive with the nip of winter.  dearest Persephone blows kisses of warmth as she descends.  winter you seem so frigid, but the earth brings warmth at the hearth and potential is born.  i am lulled into hibernation and the cave … Continue reading

Wildflower in Autumn: Shepherd(ess)’s Purse

    Yup, they are still popping out of the soil.  The Wildflowers we see now are of two categories:  It’s-my-time-of-season Flowers and I-reseeded-myself-here Flowers.  Shepherd’s Purse falls into the reseeding category (puns-intended).  Early in the Spring this little heart-breaker comes out to play, seeds very quickly, and then waits all Summer for a late … Continue reading

The Poppy Experiment

Such lovely Earth creatures, the Poppies.  Magical in so many ways, with intentions to entrance. Come here my pretty, don’t you want me?  Eye see You. Look at this pod, it is filled with seeds.  You can plant me or with the right variety, eat me.  Wouldn’t you like to see me growing near your … Continue reading